Quickstart Tennis

Children 5-10 years of age
QuickStart Tennis is an exciting play format developed by the United States Tennis Association (USTA) for learning and playing tennis for children aged 5-10. It is designed to bring kids to the game by utilizing smaller racquets, slower and lighter balls, shorter court dimensions and modified scoring, all tailored to the age and size of the child. It is divided into two different levels, ages 8 and under and ages 9-10.

Group Schedule: Monday – Thursday @ 4PM-5PM

All players are evaluated prior to joining our academy in order to ensure they meet the specific requirements for specific groups.

The QuickStart program covers 3 levels, including Red Ball, Orange Ball and Green Ball

Red Ball

This group is a complete beginner level using lower bouncing balls. It is aimed at engaging, retaining and developing players. We’ve designed a player-friendly and positive program for children to be introduced to tennis. They learn to throw, catch, run, and fundamental racquet skills.

Orange Ball

This group is for players who have played tennis a few times and now need to learn proper stroke technique. Players start to develop athletic skills and tennis-specific movements. Areas of focus in this program include how to control the ball in short court rallies, how to use different spins to control the ball in short court, and how to keep score.

Green Ball

Our Green Ball group is the highest level of QuickStart. At this level players are coached to develop a comprehensive skill set which will include control over the direction, speed, length, and spin of the ball. Players also learn shot variety and selection in preparation for tennis competitions. This group is comprised of experienced players who are able to continue to develop good technique and to implement advanced tactics.