Serving You During COVID-19

What DBTA is Doing to Reduce COVID-19 Spread While Serving its Clients

Since the onset of the coronavirus outbreak reported in the U.S., DBTA has and will continue to follow CDC, Dept. of Health, and OSHA COVID-19 guidelines, as well as Federal, State and local, to help ensure the health and safety of both, our staff and the clients we serve.

We have temporarily suspended all scheduled group drills for our juniors so as to not create large gatherings of students and parents.  This practice will remain in place until the shelter in place order is lifted, at which point our staff will make a determination on when to resume those sessions.  

Additionally, we’re taking further steps to adhere to established social distancing practices in order to engage with our students while minimizing risk for all involved.  Our staff is temporarily restructuring the format of our one on one lessons to non-contact interactions, and offering remote video analysis and feedback services to our clients that allow us to adhere to established social distancing practices.  A brief outline of those services is provided below: 


What DBTA is Doing to Reduce COVID-19 Spread While Developing and Supporting Top Caliber Tennis Athletes in the Tennis Community

Safety First and Foremost

Our drills and our instructional lessons are our “lifeblood”. For nearly 7 years, our academy has weathered the challenge of critical events. Through numerous demanding times, we’ve gained invaluable experience in meeting challenges by rapidly refining and improving the mobility, scope, and execution of our business practices.

Guiding our staff’s decision-making through the threat of COVID-19 are three principles:

  1. Provide for the health, safety, and welfare of our employees, their families, our clients and our communities
  2. Minimize the transmission
  3. To the best of our ability, maintain some semblance of accessibility to our clients in order to service their needs

Following is a detailed summary of the practices we are adopting to assist our students in these unprecedented times.

How We’re Modifying Our Instructional Format

We offer non-contact tennis instruction for extra safety and peace of mind.

Student along with parent(s) will meet with their coach at a designated tennis court site.  Coach will remain off court, in close proximity of the court so as to best observe the actions of the student at all times from a remote vantage point.  The coach will engage the student in a series of drills, directed by the coach, with the parent providing the on court feeding of balls to the student.  The student (along with the parent) will receive immediate and direct verbal instruction and feedback throughout the entire session from the coach.  The coach will follow up the session with a brief email assessment of the lesson.  The student along with their parent will be responsible for bringing their own balls to use for the session, along with phone and wireless headphones.

We offer pre-recorded or live feed video analysis and instruction.

Pre-recorded:  Student will provide their coach with video footage of that student engaged in a specific aspect of stroke production, which has been pre-designated by the coach.  The coach will then analyze the stroke production displayed in the video and make appropriate recommendations back to the student along with parent, via phone or video conferencing.  Student and parent will be responsible for creation and distribution of video content to their coach.  Coach is not to use video content for anything other than analysis and feedback to that student.

Live Streaming:  Coach will be remotely available to engage with the student and parent(s) through video conferencing.  Student along with parent(s) at a designated tennis court will engage in a hitting activity directed by the coach with the parent assisting in a capacity outlined by the coach.  Coach will provide immediate feedback at breakpoints between activities via video conferencing.  Student along with parent(s) is responsible for provision of their own balls to be used for the session, in addition to the equipment needed to engage in video conferencing with their coach remotely.    

We’re making adjustments to the business as needed to align with CDC, Federal, State and local guidance and directives, and the best interests of our customers and employees.  We continue to closely monitor this and all national developments, as the situation is dynamic and evolving.